Fortnite iOS the gaming world

The word fortnite is derived from old English meaning” fourteen nights” people, especially in North America, are paid their salaries and wages on a fortnight basis. Fortnite iOS is an online game which was released in 2017 and was developed by the Epic games. Fortnite is basically the mobile version of Fortnite Battle Royale. It has in a short span of time become the most sensational game among the children and the youth. It’s soon reaching to the craziness been spread by the other online games in the past and with the new and updated versions is rapidly getting into the minds of the people. The game started with Fortnite battle royale which was a computer video game and has been downloaded by millions of people by now. Fortnite is a zombie survival game wherein players can play in a team or solo for their survival and there is a constant fight amongst the players to survive till last to win.

Fortnite iOS


Stages of the game

  • The game begins when the players are dropped onto the island via. a parachute while there are storm clouds all over
  • Only a pickaxe is given to the players as the game
  • Players try to round up some weapons so as to build fortifications and to try and defend the upcoming undead horde.
  • Players have to survive till last by defeating everyone to get the victory.

Millions and millions of people are attracted to the game and even big and famous superstars are addicted to the game in such a manner that they themselves call them” addicted”. Or is, for now, available on only apple operating devices. It’s an asset and property that the company needs to protect and secure and usage of cheat codes in the games is strictly prohibited by the makers of the game.