Explain what problem you will be in if the bailiffs come to your Property and take your things.

How Can I Complain?

You can mention these norms in your complaint, but the rules are not enforceable by law.


*From Oct 1998 onwards bailiffs have the right to collect the council tax debts which is been ordered by the court. A complaint form you can help the document withdrawn. You can ask your local court for the form which can you to make the claim or you can write to the court authority with details then court will conduct an hearing about the cancel the bailiffs certification and also order return of goods and compensation.


* You should complain to the council as the bailiffs are acting as their agent. They can ask the bailiffs to look at your complaint and change their procedures if the board doesn’t help you could talk to your local councilor who may be prepared to take your claim up with the council.

*You can request the local authority to look at your request if the council looks to refuse or make excuse to help you.