Compounded Hormones: Application and Effects

What are compounded hormones?

Long-term health benefits is no longer an option with hormonal therapy states the best hormone doctor in Denver. There is appropriate evidence supporting fewer adverse effects in younger women, also bioidentical hormone therapy guarantees overall effectiveness and is proven extremely effective for short-term treatment. With fewer advancements in the field, the natural hormone replacement is replaced by creating customized medication targeting the needs of an individual patient. Hormone health Denver states that there is an increase in direct to consumer marketing for compounded bioidentical hormones. It also claims that there are as safe and effective as conventional hormone therapy.

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There have been researches carried out to find the authenticity of information, which is compounded hormones are identical to the natural hormones and contain the exact compounds in the same ratio as in natural hormones. However, the results have not been quite satisfactory as they state that these hormones may contain other components to hold all the hormone components together until they are transferred to the body through a pellet. Some of the patients might require custom-compounded hormones in order to avoid allergies caused by certain ingredients. However, these have not been tested to ensure that they are absorbed ideally and provide the right ratio of blood and tissue, states hormone health Denver.

Putting it all together

            Menopause is a natural phenomenon in women, which causes a hormonal imbalance with age. There has never been an ideal menopause treatment. However, bioidentical hormone therapy has been proven effective for younger women, though there have been claims that state the adverse effects caused by it there has never been sufficient evidence to prove the same. Similar is the case with testosterone treatment for men. The best available solution is using the pellet therapy where pellets are introduced to the body under the skin, which gradually is absorbed, by the body.