Compare 2019 Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid vs 2019 Toyota Prius

Until Tesla’s debut, the Prius was arguably family unit members name in hyper-economical driving — and even over seven million were sold while the vehicle’s appearance in 1997, mostly by virtue of their frictionless ease of a petrol-electric hybrid vehicle engine where you only drive as ordinary, and love large gas market declines from the city. Given every Prius sold in Australia was a conventional hybrid vehicle, the truth that you fill them up at a standard gas station supposed it’d been super-easy to create a Prius into a house and never have to restrain it up or learn new procedures.

That the enormous success of this Prius spurned Toyota to create the complete range of hybrid services and goods, together side partially-electrified Toyotas are a frequent sight on roads. Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive brand new is headquartered at the current market, going for a significant lead to new financing — but does not mean that there isn’t any room to have a brand-new player to input and reestablish Toyota hybrids on a peak with this economy-focussed revenue charts.

Input Hyundai — also a brand new rising and boost anyplace. The Korean producer Australian performance has seen a difference in the industry for a less expensive hybrid vehicle to combat out it with the Prius by itself drifting — and we’ve driven it. The 20-19 Hyundai Ionic will proceed out there in November 2018, too without a Prius, it will be for sale in three distinct guises. There will function as the’easy’ option — which the petrol-electric conventional hybrid saw here, however, the Ionic may also be sold in plug-in hybrids (using 63km of the electric stove ) and entirely electrical (200km scope ) forms. An assault on the Foreign Exchange Market? You may call that.

Before the Ionic invasion strikes Australian shores, we chose a contrast was so as with the car that started everything.

By the convenience of the getgo, it’s exciting to find the Hyundai’s more deluxe Ioniq version of 2 offered — which the Premium — will most likely cost more readily compared to Toyota’s base version Prius. The Toyota sell an even far more expensive Prius tier, known as the iTech, for $43,900 ($48,278 drive-away in NSW).

Before it is likely to move outside and try out an Ioniq your self, there will soon be a fast wait until auto is formally established in Australia. Hyundai has imported 70 trial cases with the Ioniq — just one that you only see within electric-blue ); however, customer hunts will still only commence round period with the Ionic’s federal launch, scheduled on its preceding week of November.

The Prius is available now — in three contours.

There’s a substantial commonality in saver for its two cars competing in this test, even though Ioniq Premium does boundary out the Prius since it concerns luxury comfort characteristics.

The Hyundai has more safety technology, besides, at the kind of blind-spot tracking and rear cross-traffic alert.

The prius vs ioniq uniquely supplies a head-up display, in addition to automatic high-beam lights and a rear windscreen wiper. Several of these Ionic Premium’s more lavish attributes — leather, and heated front seats, blind spot tracking, back cross-traffic awake, LED headlights and 17-inch brakes — are included for all those who spend $7,460 longer on the Prius I Tech standard.