Choose The Best Forex broker uk      

Forex Broker can be any company or firm that gives you the platform to enter into this trading field where you can buy or sell foreign currencies. There are too many brokers out there online who might seem promising looking at their decked up websites but they have some hidden agendas about which they will never mention, thus putting you in potential risk of losing money.

Before you make your baby steps in this trading field, you need to find a reputable Forex broker. We have saved you some time for research by listing out the 5 Best Forex broker UK and the features that make them better out of the lot.

Best Forex broker UK


XTB UK online trading– they have got some really good ratings in Trade Pilot because of their user friendliness, customer support service, and accessibility through mobile applications and tablets.

AVA TRADE- With only a minimum deposit of 100 euros, one can open demo, micro or standard type account. It has got more than 200 other features that can be used to improve efficacy in trade.

Plus500- It has got minimum spread value of 0.6. Plus it takes no extra commission for deposit or withdrawal.

Etoro- It provides the best user interface and security of client’s deposits. It is considered to be among the largest social trading brokers having popular investors and Copycat trading features

Easy Markets– You can play safe with easy markets. They have been in this field for 16 years. The minimum deposit amount is only 100 euros with no extra commission charge. Spread value is 1 and of fixed type.

How securely are they going to keep your deposited amount when faced with liquidations is an important factor for determining whether the broker is trustable. The only way to find this out is to go through their past records or just taste the water with small investments.