What is RDP?

Remote Desktop Protocol or popularly known as RDP is a protocol developed by the Microsoft Corporation that provides the graphical interface to a user to connect to another computer device easily over a stable internet connection. An RDP Software is required to serve the purpose and now a day this software are available as built-in within the Windows operating systems. This protocol is an extension of the application sharing protocol and releases its updates from time to time in order to improve the user experience related to the network sharing with other users. This article discusses cheap rdp options and their advantages.

cheap rdp


The advantages of cheap rdp

The cheap rdp is available in price as low as $4 per month and even with this low price it provides the following advantages that aid in seamless service to the users and cutting off their excessive unnecessary costs: –

  • It provides unlimited bandwidth to the users with customised storage spaces of 10-50 GB and hence eliminates the basic concern issues with related to the storage.
  • The available network port has speed within 400 Mbps to 1 Gbps and hence ensures high speed and connectivity among the two different users of the computers.
  • There is a cent per cent uptime guarantee from the manufacturers and even the customer service is active for 24/7 hours to cater to the needs of the customers and ensure that all of their queries get answered within the stipulated period of time.
  • This does not require any special permission request from the admins and hence can be operated by anyone easily.
  • The user interface is very simple and even the supporting software takes very less time to set up and run. Hence time-saving factor is the best for this.

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